Monday, April 03, 2017

Back to it....

Again I am making a attempt to be more active on this blog! LOL So how am I doing, what am I doing, and what are my future plans? The current stats are that as of last friday morning (weigh in day) I was 118.6 kilos. At my highest last year I was 133.6 kilos. What I am doing nutrition wise currently is what is called "flexible dieting", I do it thru a company called equalution - here is a link to their website How it works on a weekly basis I weigh in, take progress photos and measurements and after looking at them they tell me my calories and macros (protein/carbs/fat) for the next week. They also give me a meal plan to follow, it is expensive....but so far it is working super well for me! :) Exercise wise....I walk to work 4 days per week. That takes me 60 minutes each walk. I then train with my trainer for 45 minutes twice a week and do 2 sessions per week on my own (the gym is going 24/7 next week so following that ill be able to increase it to 3 times a week) So forgetting numbers etc how am I going? In a lot of ways ridiculously well....but life is never perfect. Sadly last week a friend of mine unexpectedly passed away. Its been shocking, Martine was only a few years older then me and it really doesn't seem real. But it really makes you reflect on what is important. I am 49 now .... I cannot battle this weight loss for the rest of my life. While we always will deal with it....I dont want to be "losing it" forever...I want to get to a point of a healthy weight....and then continually monitor it in a healthy manner. At the end of last year I decided that this year I was going to throw everything at my weight loss and if I didnt lose by the end of the year....I would resign myself to spending the rest of my life overweight. But thats not good enough...if I am not at a healthy weight by the end of the year...then I will start next year by reassessing where I am with my weightloss and aiming for new goals. It has also made me start to reflect on what is important, its not important how much money i make, or what material items i own, or who is right and who is wrong....but its about the people around us, the experiences, the memories. I plan to make a much more concerted effort with my friends. I think the older we get the more walls we can tend to put up...the more we fear being vulnerable - and that has certainly happened to me. But these are things I am planning to work on. As to my is progressing nicely. My upper body is definitely getting stronger - I am progressing well on the LAT pull down. My cardio fitness has improved nicely of late and with all the walking I am doing my endurance is also definitely improving. My trainer messaged me yesterday saying we couldnt do PT tonight as she had concusion. She messages me this morning and says did u train yesterday or today? Im like....I walked a hour yesterday and about to head to the gym soon-ish so she replies some cardio for me...heres a did a cardio workout. No idea on my calorie burn tho as I have lost my fitbit charger! Argh! But I have a new ordered and I ordered a new band for it....hopefully it will arrive wednesday. If you are instagram make sure you follow me! My username is @kazzsjourney Below is my latest progress pics :) Before and current (173.1 kilos vs 118.6 kilos)
Below is January 2017 vs March 2017

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