Thursday, May 05, 2016

Step 1

I have spent most of the day reading "the big fat truth" and am about a third of the way into the book. As I mentioned on my earlier post this book is about getting your mindset right for your weight loss journey and he gives numerous ideas of what they get the biggest loser, extreme weight loss contestants to do that we can do ourselves in our own lives.

I was reading it today and he said, to break bad habits you need to change your environment for your new habits. He recommended taking everything out of your bedroom....and then reorganising your bedroom so its completely different. So i did that LOL I moved my bed into a different spot. A couple of boxes i have never unpacked (keep in mind i have lived here over 6 years!) i put in the spare blanket box i put in a new position and while it had been gathering dust while i keep things like heat pillows and books on it i have now put on it a "dream" sign, a candle and some family photos. My "dream"framed pic i hung up in the bedroom. It looks so clean and the perfect place to "dream" tomorrow I am going to go look for a new quilt cover and a few lil knick knacks. Tomorrow I will wake to a new perspective :)

I then wrote a list....well actually its a plan. He basically suggests 3 guidelines....identify the problem, make a plan, then carry out the plan. So my plan at this stage looks like this:

  1. Work on liking myself
  2. Work on being open and vulnerable
  3. Keep promises to myself
  4. Start working thru "the list"
  5. Weigh and record weight daily
  6. Be honest
  7. I will not miss any PT sessions unless dying
  8. Will attend a minimum of 3 function fit sessions per week unless dying
  9. I will stick to my calorie intake and not go over it.
Pretty basic stuff eh? But just some rules for myself, and as you can see there is something called "the list". I have written this down in my notebook. Its a list of things I want to do or start doing. Currently there is 29 things on the list. Things I want to incorporate into my daily life (ie no eating or drinking in my bedroom, making my bed everyday etc) and also some organisational things like "clean out the bookcase" my plan is to go thru things....and when the things i want to do daily i have stuck with for a full month i will then mark them off my list...and as i do the organisational things i will mark them off the list. The organisational things I would like to do one thing most days off. The daily things...Ill pick one thing and add it in to my routine this week....the a week into it i will add another.

I also have a voucher for kikki.k they have lots of journals and planner calendars etc. I would like to get some kind of a calendar preferably something magnetic that i can mark things off on each day. And while i keep this online journal i have actually enjoyed handwriting things into my "notebook" and so would like to buy a journal to hand write in. I think with a hand written journal you keep only for yourself there is something a online journal cannot give you. You dont have to worry about who see's dont have to worry about offending anyone and i think you can be a lil more open. So whilst ill still be keeping this journal i think a hand written one would be helpful too.

I think a lot of what I am going to write in this journal over the coming time is a lot about how i am implementing a lot of what he suggests.

The other thing he suggests is to pick a fitness event as a "goal" so I am thinking the "stadium stomp" in july....and then after thats over I can train to complete the city to bay (walking only! LOL) for both i would really need to start getting in some cardio and getting to the gym regularly, fiona always used to say i work better when i had a non weight loss goal.

Tomorrow morning back to the gym for PT :) and the first new "daily thing" - to make my bed everyday and no eating or drinking in the bedroom....seriously if i cannot master those things then something is wrong!

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