Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday :)

So I woke up in a surprisingly good mood...suprising because the scales went up AGAIN! 115.6 kilos this morning. Anyway i was a bit pissed...initially thought "bugger this" but yanno what the bugger it attitude doesnt help...the only thing that will help is sticking to the plan and going to the gym :)

So i went in and did 10 minutes on the xtrainer, 60 minute body pump class and 60 minute body balance class...and I felt good, definitely glad I got off my ass and did them :)

I then went to kmart to buy some socks...walked out with socks, 1 t shirt, 2 tank tops, and 1 pair of trackies. I then went op shopping and bought 4 or 5 is a gorgeous top from cue....size 14 so long way till i will be fitting into it...a couple of the other tops fit me now...and a couple are ones to grow into :) YAY :)

It was a lovely day and tomorrow is suppose to be 29! I am planning to go walking around the torrens! Need to really get active everyday...its the only difference between now and when i was losing 2 weeks time to get active! Im thinking this for the coming week:

monday : balance or boxing and PT
tuesday : PT and CXWORX
wednesday : zumba
thursday : body pump
friday : stairs and body pump
saturday : body pump and body balance
sunday : walking

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