Monday, June 16, 2014

Well I weighed in today....I ummed and ahhed about posting my weight....but by not posting it i am simply staying in denial. I have also decided to keep track of what I lose from today not add it to the grand total of 65+ kilos....time to stop resting on my laurels.

So i weighed 108.4 kilos...I kinda expected it to be worse. Today i didnt stick to my 1500 calories but i was a lot better then previously. I actually have a stomach ulcer (prolly bought on from crap food!) always hard not to comfort eat when stuck at home in front of the tv. I am back at work on wednesday.

I think some of my issue which I think I have previously mentioned is being bored with be honest i am a bit over bread...bit over weetbix (the list goes on and on lol) but I am going to pull out my symply to good to be true books to make some new foods.

Thats it for today - enjoy all :)

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