Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm back!

Well I know some people have asked where I am ;) I've been slack with my journal...specially as I don't have a laptop since mine was swollen. I am expecting to get a bonus from work in the next month or so and when I do my plan is to get a new lap top (thank god) i have a iPad but it's a lil hard to write LOTS with the keypad. BUT I think I need the daily writing in my journal.

For those who are unaware January 1 I weighed in at 105.6 kilos :( but I'm getting back in the swing of things. I will be doing a official weigh in on February 1 (I am doing daily weigh ins to keep an eye on things) my aim is to lose 2.5 kilos a month.

I have been back running (although currently have a very sore foot) I have signed up for a second PT session per week with tamika...we are doing weights in those sessions - I am really enjoying those so that is good.....I am doing them Tuesday and Friday nights. She is quite big on muscle recovery so she really does te want me doing things like pump the day after PT. This week I really wanna be at the gym more.....the aim is 5 days a week, so I'm thinking this week will be :

Monday - boxing & body balance
Tuesday - 20 mins cardio & 30 mins PT weights
Wednesday - 45 mins Rpm
Thursday - rest day
Friday - PT Session of weights
Saturday - 60 mins running & body balance
Sunday - 6km walk

I'm certainly not doing the insane amounts of exercise I was doing a few years ago but maybe in time it will build up more.....I still think what I am doing is a okay level.

Food wise I'm eating 1800 cals a day and calorie cycling (we all know I love calorie cycling!) I would love to be under 102 kilos by February 1 I did take photos on January 1 I will do some progress ones on feb 1.

I will be back to update tomorrow!


Jackie Birch said...

Hi, nice to see you back :)

jo said...

Welcome back.

jo said...

Welcome back!

Magpie said...

I love your commitment and never give up attitude.