Monday, January 13, 2014

Good food day :)

Foodwise the weekend went pretty well :) Ate 1452 cals yesterday and the goal was to be under 1500 cals so all good there. Today is a 1200 calorie day.

The weather here is friggin awful at the moment. Between now and friday it will be between 40 and 43 degrees (celsius) each day. UGH. I definitely wont be gymming it every day as its simply too hot. Tonight i wont go to the gym but hopefully after dinner it will be cool enough to go for a walk. Tomorrow and friday night i have PT so will go both of those days, and wednesday night i am weighing in so will do a cycle class when i go that day. By saturday its suppose to be down to 28 degrees (thankfully)

I found some good unprocessed recipes on the weekend so next weekend will do some baking so i have some snack foods apart from yoghurt! hah!

I have decided to back off from the running...its too hot plus I keep getting niggling injuries. (some hip pain, tight calve and occassionally some achilles pain) so instead it will be at the gym for me. I might occassionally do some intervals on the treadmill but thats it (and even that I will leave for the moment)

Not much else going on...stay cool everyone ;)

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