Saturday, September 14, 2013

Well a bit has happened this week :)

I got back from Sydney tuesday night and was back at work on wednesday morning (no rest for the wicked!) Wednesday night i had PT...we had a trainee observing the session he was quite stunned at how hard my session was! When we were boxing he said..."you have a mean right hook, you could have a side career as a boxer" lol

Friday I woke up and it just occurred to me im sick of not doing group fitness classes and im over not feeling comfortable doing them at Goodlife (the new gym) i went and rang my old gym and rejoined! So i am going to have a membership at both :) So monday and wednesday nights i will be at goodlife for PT and the rest of the week I will train at fernwood. I went back today to fernwood for my first session back and it was just like going home! So glad i rejoined. So this week my workouts will look like this:

monday : cardio + 30 mins PT
tuesday : 45 mins RPM + 60 mins Body pump
wednesday : cardio + 45 mins PT
thursday : cardio + 45 mins RPM
friday : 60 mins Body pump
saturday : 20 mins cardio + 60 mins Body pump
sunday : rest day

Foodwise things are going good...I am eating 1600 calories and calorie cycling and focusing more on clean im not drinking diet coke my thinking is much clearer and easier to stay on track :)

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