Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dizzy spells and more ;)

Well yesterdays workout was a struggle! I did 50 mins on just some steady state cardio on the bike and cross trainer before my PT session (nothing too hard) but I did have a bit of a dizzy spell in the PT session which I am putting on to the metformin. I am sure my body is just adjusting to it. But in the words of my trainer....regardless of the dizzy spell i was "smashing it". This trainer completely pushes me...but I unbelievably cope better then I think...Ive not said once "i can't do that" even tho somethings i have had to modify them to be "kazzs version" lol but she is very good...she said for example i have pain in my ankle in one specific exercise and she was like yes you are twisting your foot we need to watch i feel very confident she knows what she is doing....Im pretty "personal trainer" savvy lol and she is definitely a good one.....and I need someone who pushes me to the level she pushes me :) I actually did leg press at 150 kilos last nite (330 pounds) it was insane LOL. I also did planks where I rocked backwards and forwards on my toes....and she also had me doing a plank position where im holding on to some dumbells and then while in the plank position lifting one hand at a time with the weight hah gawd she showed me and i thought no way i can do that but amazingly i it was a row of the weight with each hand...then a pushup then jump up to standing position (she seems to like burpee variances! lol) But when on the assisted chin up machine i had my dizzy spell...oh well....i still worked bloody hard!

Today I am having a not very sore (yay) but some stomach pains (im guessing just my body adjusting to the metformin). I decided last nite as my free PT sessions were do one PT session a week with 45 minute that will be a bit hard core. She has then said those sessions we will focus on weights and then the rest of the week I can do my classes. She wants on the days I am not sore to do 5 minutes of HIIT before my classes...and when I am sore just to do either RPM or slow steady state cardio (so for example level 10 on cross trainer...or hills on the bike)

Scale wise the scales dropped again this morning! YAY so happy. So I was down to 89.4 since I started 1800 calories on tuesday I have dropped 1.2 kilos. So I am surely not eating too much ;)

Catch of the day is going to be the end of me! LOL. I bought 2 pairs of new balance shoes of it over the weekend...and today 2 bloody everlast tops...the prices are just too good to not buy bank account isnt so keen tho! LOL

Right .... my day off....time to go watch some rubbish tv (also known as cooking shows and repeat sitcoms! lol) Enjoy ur day all!

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Chris H said...

I have not seen your blog for ages and ages!
I hope you are doing well... I note you take metformin ... so do I.