Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Plan.

I am still recovering from my migraine. I actually woke and my eyeball was still very painful. Last night it had seemed to be improving but it got worse. But today I have rested and taken a total of 4 panadeine forte thruout the day and altho it is very slightly there (and I mean really slight) its 99% gone :) Its been a year or more since I have had a migraine. But I am confident tomorrow I will be fine for work.

Did weigh myself this morning....down to 90.6 kilos which was a 900 gram drop overnight. Slight change to my calorie plans. I messaged someone I had on my MFP friendlist for a long time (helloitsdan for those MFP users). I explained I was at my wits end ;) that I still need to lose another 10-15 kilos...my weight loss journey todate and my PCOS. I also explained that yesterday the doctor put me on metformin. So this was the response I got:

Well the good news on metformin is it works.The bad news is it doesn't have the other capabilities or antioxidant recycling as R-ALA.Trouble with R-ALA is you cannot take it with metformin so we will store that idea in the back of our head till you get to the last 10lbs or so.
Metformin is a gluco disposal agent that lowers the glucose in the blood.
This is great post large carb meal because it stops the body from spiking blood sugar and storing the carbs as fat.A way to turn this into a positive effect ill advise 2 things:
1) 12 hour fasting.You stop eating at night and won't eat till at least 12 hours is up.
2) fasted resistance training.So you wake up 60 mins earlier than usual. If you have access the free weights then I can send you a simple 3 day lifting program that delivers great results.If you don't have free weights ill advise you to purchase either Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade or Dinosaur Bodyweight training by Brooks Kubit.
Continue using the 1800 Cale a day for the next week then we want to test your metabolism.
A week from now I want you to start adding 20cals to every day of quality fat or protein.This slow introduction if calories counted with your cardio and a little resistance training will start training the body that food is available and the need for excess fat isn't necessary.The resistance training also blasts through any future PCOS issues, friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on this subject.
Once you notice slight weight gains daily, dial it back a little.The metformin should stop you from gaining fat.
Once we have base TDEE determined then the sky is the limit.
The long and the short of that message is...to take the advantage of the metformin if I last eat at 8pm at night I dont eat until at least 8am the next day, Im not sure the early morning workouts will happen except on maybe days off lol. The point about the calories is to help find my "maintenance level" as well as teach my body that I can eat under maintenance without it worrying that I am about to "starve" So this week I will eat the 1800 calories, and then slowly start to increase the calories...I somehow suspect I wont even get up to 1900 calories before I start to gain LOL. Ive always said I want to eat the most calories I can and still lose weight and hopefully this will support my workouts well to enable me not only to get to goal but also be strong. I have not tried anything like this before so this should be interesting and hopefully it helps my metabolism and doesn't force me at 80 kilos to eat only 1200 calories...cos thats no way to live! LOL Macro wise my protein requirement is now to eat 180 grams of protein! LOL holy crap....thats a heck of a lot of protein, I previously struggled to hit 135 grams of protein when eating 1800 calories. Today I managed to get to 141 grams of protein...my fat ended up a lil over....so thats something I need to focus on...I really need to try and get the protein to between 165-180 grams (hitting 180 grams exactly per day wont happen lol) but I feel good about this, and good it will support my workouts. Its going to be strange to think in a week or so I will be waiting for when I gain weight. A different way to do things...but I understand why and will just need to be patient.

Obviously with my sore eye no workout today....but tomorrow I will be back at work....and tomorrow night gonna jump on the cross trainer (if i can nab one!) otherwise will be the bike...followed by my PT session.

The other interesting thing is....I started the metformin today....I have for monthsssssssss been daily having carb cravings and whilst I am still hungry I haven't craved carbs today....just been wanting healthy foods (like cottage cheese and nut butters etc!) so not gonna get too excited yet...it could be from having the panadeine forte and feeling sleepy but I suspect its from the metformin which is a good sign...fingers crossed!!

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