Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ive been doing lots of thinking the last few days. I realise and i know ive said it before...but the last 7 months or so ive really accomplished nothing....im the same weight as i was 7 months ago (okay im a kilo or so heavier now)....my measurements havent changed....my muscle definition hasnt changed...and my physical abilities havent improved. In the back of my mind ive constantly been thinking...once i have the DEXA scan results i will have more of a idea of my goals and where i am aiming for. So monday i have the DEXA scan...so come monday lunch time i will have a goal weight....ill know where my body fat is and ill have a very accurate BMR. Food wise i think im on the right track with this "eat more weigh loss" theory. One of the theories those who follow the whole "eat more weigh less" follow is heavy lifting...i currently do 2 resistance days ... but its mostly just with my body weight (pushups...chinups (or attempts lol)....etc) and usually pump once a week....i do think i will try to work out some routine for one additional day per week with high weights and low reps. Im going to buy "new rules of lifting for women" which seems to be a popular book. Hopefully i can work out a program for one day a week...i also want to keep running thats a "do-able" goal...while i feel pushups and chinups are unlikely...i think after running 2kms non stop last week i can build that up...so once i get back from sydney next week im going to commit to a work out plan to ensure i get the muscle definition happening with the running...so my plan is:

monday : Boxing/body combat
tuesday : running with fiona
wednesday :PT with nora (resistance work)
thursday : running
friday : Heavy weight work day/body pump
saturday :outdoor work out + body pump + body balance
sunday : running

The other thing is...exercise helps me mentally .... keeps the depression at bay....so i think its important i get back into it

Yep it is working out 7 days a week....but especially initially thuesday and sunday will be just 1-3km runs so its not like a hours workout. Im really sick of seeing no progress....it just doesnt make me feel good about myself. I am starting to realise part of the struggles i am having is trust...so something i need to work on. Theres other stuff going thru my brain but im not really ready to write about all of it yet....as im not positive on some things...im just trying to be positive and feel good about myself...and not so down on myself and not satisfied with where i am at (its hard trust me!) I also know part of it is comparing myself to others....and jsut being disappointed and not happy with how far i still have to go...anyway hopefully things will improve....i think this holiday to Sydney will help...hopefully i will come back refreshed!


Jackie said...

Have a wonderful holiday can't wait to hear all about it :)

Barbara said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us in your blog. My take on your current situation is that you have worked very hard to get where you are right now and should be very proud of your accomplishments. I know you already know that. You also already know that even though you have been hovering around a plateau (plus and minus over the past 7 months) the exercise and nutrition program that you follow have many positive benefits besides more weight loss: helps keep depression at bay, prevents serious weight gain, keeps muscle definition, you are running now (which I recall you previously saying you would never be able to do), you are blogging for the rest of us to know and understand your journey, you are healthy, you have educated yourself on cause and effect of what you put into your body and what exercise does for you, you think about and try new workouts… I could go on and on with the positives. To say you haven’t accomplished anything just because the scale hasn’t moved is an injustice to yourself and just plain wrong because you have actually accomplished all the positives that I just mentioned. Your body may just be resting up for the next big adventure of further weight loss and muscle building. I for one am so inspired by your journey, and so impressed and grateful that you take the time to share your thoughts, plans, worries, etc. in your blog. I have been hovering around the same weight for the past 6 months or so despite bootcamp, soccer, running, etc. but haven’t lost the next few pounds that I want to lose. But I do feel proud that I am working out and watching my nutrition and know that because of my workouts I am not gaining and I am maintaining muscle. I feel strong. I am healthy. Chin up, girl, and thanks for the inspiration that you provide to us!!

JustJo said...

I'm sorry, but to say you have accomplished "nothing" in the last 7 months is utter bullshit!
You have lost cms, gained muscle, changed your body shape, and become a much more Healthier, and happy Kazz.... saying you have achieved nothing is just wrong :(
Be proud every damn day for what you have done, and what you are continuing to do... So many people would take a bad day as an excuse to just give up, but you never do, and for that, you are my hero!
Battling every day, and putting it all out there for the world to see... that's an achievement in itself!
Hold you head high my friend, you have achieved more in the last months, than what some will achieve in a lifetime :)
P.S. have a great holiday :)