Thursday, November 10, 2011

Under 82 kilos....third day running :)

Well the scales jumped up a lil this morning....81.7 kilos to 81.9 kilos. So very minimal gain....still puts me at a loss so far this week of 600 grams so I am more then happy with that :)

Yesterday I popped into the clothing store "Veronika Maine" and found a couple of dresses I red one and one green one....I was leaning towards the red one and then the store rang me today to tell me the dress had been reduced in price by 30%!! So after the gym today I went and got it....and its now MINE hehe. I liked it in the store but bringing it home and trying it on with my strapless bra...just LOVE it!

Yesterday ended up being a huge exercise day ... I did pump and balance at lunchtime....both classes were 45 minutes long....then that afternoon i did a hour of boxing (omg such a hard workout!) and then a 45 minute cycling class. Burnt over 1800 calories....was a huge exercise day. Today I went into the gym....and fiona came and nudged me along while on the treadmill...ive been doing the plan this week me and her worked out last week. And the goal for the week was to run at a speed of 10 at the end of the week. The idea was to run a full kilometre at a speed of 10 but i knew i just couldnt do that lol. So I ran a total of 1 kilometre broken up with sprints of between 150 metres and 300 metres....OMG trust me the 300 metre one KILLED chest/lungs have never ached like that before. LOL But I did this week coming.....each day I go to the gym I need to do a 1km run at level 8 and 3 times during the week run a total of 1km at level 10 in sprints. PHEW im tired even thinking about it! LOL Lucky for me i was suppose to finish work at 5.30pm next week but someone wanted late starts every day but wednesday so i managed to get 3.30pm finishes monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. Which means for the next 4 weeks the latest i finish is 4pm which is brilliant for the gym (well except wednesday)

I work saturday this weekend then no weekend work for the next 3 weeks :) YAY!!! Saturday night I am off out for dinner with Martine...and sunday im not doing a bloody thing apart from some housework and washing....i need a day at home lol.

Ive also started to look into getting a website up for me to get my name out there for motivational speaking....only in the very beginning stages...but EXCITING!!

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Bee said...

I came across your blog a few weeks ago and just wanted to say Hi :) I have read your current posts and a few of your older ones and WOW what an inspiring woman you are!!!!!