Sunday, November 13, 2011

People must get sick to death of me saying "great day" haha but yesterday was :) Went out for dinner with the fab ms martine last nite...such a good nite....fabulous food. I rarely eat pasta these fact im pretty sure the last time i did was at my 5 year dinner in early august. So i had bruschetta and then a pasta dish of ravioli with a rose sauce with roasted capsicum and freaking yummy! And of course lots of chatting!!! Was really good to see Martine (and ill say it again LOVE that new hair colour ;))

As it was warm last nite it was so nice to be able to go out wearing a lil summer top (check photo in previous post) i was wearing my size 14 boyfriend jeans with lil heels and a size SMALL country road top! :) And its such a cute and flattering lil top...i got it from a second hand store but its going to really get a good working out this summer :)

Exercise wise this should be a really good off next weekend YAY and i finish at 3.30pm everyday except wednesday so this is my plan for the week:

mon : run 1km @ level 8 + 1 hour boxing
tue : run 1km @ level 8 + sprints totalling 1km @ level 10 + body pump
wed : run 1km @ level 8 + sprints totalling 1km @ level 10
thur: running outside
friday: run 1km @ level 8 + sprints totalling 1km @ level 10 + body pump
saturday: balance

Its actually under 9 weeks till the resolution run now and im so far away from even running half of a 7.5km run it aint funny so the running needs to be a bit of a priority at the moment. So the intention is to workout for 6 days this week....and i will again aim for burning 5000 calories...burnt 4200 calories this week so hopefully i will improve on that. And of course the week after I start bootcamp twice a week :)

Ive seen some clothes from Lorna Jane i want! LOL GAWD!!! I am going to have to stay away from that store or i will crumble and cave in lol.

Hoping in the next week or so i will find out whats happening about my xmas leave....would be nice to know if i am spending xmas day in streaky or alone at home! Fingers crossed it all works out.

I was getting dressed this morning...looked at myself side on and was very impressed with my ass! LOL Maybe the jeans are super flattering I am not sure...but i took a side on pic and this view of my ass looks pretty good in my books!

Im watching the movie "snowtown" off to watch a bit more of it...have a good week all!!

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