Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ahhhh socialising!

TOM arrived yesterday. The good news was no gain....but usually i have a loss pretty quickly once it arrives...but still sitting at 88.2 kilos ARGH!!! Getting under 88 kilos is turning out to be quite the battle. I know its not a plateau yet....but especially as i have cut by calories back.

I mentioned i fell on monday night in combat..discussed it with fiona today...i was starting to think it was from being tired...and she agrees thats quite likely. I had done PT earlier in the day then boxing before combat (and boxing class kicks my ass more then any other class) so i think it was simply getting tired. So i am going to start to have 2 rest days per week (wednesday and sunday is my thought) where i do no exercise...just so i can allow my body to recover properly and avoid injuries.

Ive come to realise the whole socialising thing is hard....I know part of being healthy mentally and to be a good all rounded person being social, having fun is a component of it. But after being such a "hermit" and also not wanting to go off track....and wanting to ensure i reach my goal...for me at least .... its a scary thing. Not to say i dont socialise ...i do....but its not like 2-3 times every week.... its also scary for me getting close to someone on a friendship level. I have a lot of friends....but not real close one that i see several times per week....most of my friends i catch up with every 4-6 weeks or so...whether intentional or not .... maybe its part of my walls being keeps people at a distance....but its something i need to work on while keeping my boundaries. I cant let socialising over take my current weight loss goal has to stay my main priority....but i also need to learn to allow myself to start to build a social life....and even let people who i do actually want close friendships with to let them in....even tho to me (and i know for a lot of people this makes no sense) even tho for me that is a very scary thing. Its like anything....i wonder when they will reject the friendship.

Tomorrow i am buying a food processor/blender! So excited!!! All these things i can make....and i can finally use jessica seinfelds book using all the pureed vegetables :) On the weekend im planning to test one of her recipes....raisin cookies...they actually have zucchini in them! and only 132 calories each :)

Did a hour of PT today....rowed 1500 metres on level 10 in 6 mins 46 seconds...woot wooot!!!! Averaged out i was managing 500 metres in 2.15 seconds....cant complain about that for a long distance stint.

Have a good day all !!!

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