Saturday, May 07, 2011

No Excuses....Time to refocus...

So the foxy challenge for the gym officially finished for me today. Over the 12 weeks i lost 8.1 body fat dropped by 2.1% (i think!). I finally finished my diary and handed it in (i was like a kid with a school assignment i had put off and off) Im pretty happy with the results...i always say i never complete things...but i actually completed this. so wooo hooo for me :) Anyway its done and dusted...only the foxy dinner next saturday nite and then its fully completed.

Over the last few weeks tho i really havent done as good as i could be doing. After my binge just before easter....i got back on track but not like normal. Ive been drinking diet coke, been having chocolate daily and today was the first day i have done any classes at the gym for nearly two weeks!!! I am sore currently from thursday nites session....and im pretty sore all over (see what a mean trainer i have!) The sides of my rib cages ache, my shoulders ache, my outer lower thighs ache,,,,my abs ache...get the picture? lol So today I did PT....and did manage to row 1km in 4 minutes 15.08 seconds....far from the fastest in the gym (they are having a lil contest at the moment) but still a improvement on my previous time. Fiona then had me run 3 minutes at 8.5 on the treadmill...i dieddddddddddddddddddd i swear im not for this running!!! My breathing sucks during it. But she wants me to practice at slow honestly i will ;) I then went and did body pump and then body balance. Because i was sore already pump was agony lol and since it had been weeks i used small weights lol but body balance while i sucked i realised i had really missed that class! So after several weeks of not really being focussed its time to get refocused!!! This week i am only working monday and tuesday so NO excuse for not gyming heres this weeks plan:

sun - 4.5 km walk
monday - combat + PT
tuesday - day off
wednesday - body pump + body balance
thursday - body Pump (yes i know i shouldnt do it two days running - but ill go real heavy wednesday and light on thursday) + PT + combat + body balance
friday - body combat
saturday - PT + body pump + body balance

No excuses...and of course i am gonna go back to counting calories...but more so then counting calories i wanna start to focus on more for eating for performance (something i may need to research a lil bit) but there has been way to much white bread, chocolates (yum!) and diet coke sneak back into my diet over the last few weeks. So this morning i was 94.8 next sunday i wanna me 92.5 or lower...over 2 kilos but i am pretty sure if i knuckle down i can do it. Plus no excuses i have plenty of time this week!! I only have 18 kilos to reality i could be at goal within 5 months .... my problem is a cute gal smiles at me and i lose all focus! lol but enuff is enuff....gotta get this done once and for all!

I also need to focus more on trying to succeed what i mean is...i do okay with different things...but when it comes to exceeding that belief isnt my head im always the girl that comes thats something i need to work in...and maybe push myself more to realise maybe occassionally i could come first ;)

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