Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moving On...

Yesterday i went to the gym....i did body pump and then did body balance....then towards the end of the class...i started to have visions of me and a meat pie :( Couldnt get it out of my brain. I was gonna go have the time i got to my locker tho i knew that wasnt gonna happen...gave myself a good talking too and stayed on 1200 calories for the day. Then last nite i was watching that new aussie show "Big" was so motivating! The guy when he started reminded me of relationships...hid in the house...didnt like dealing with people especially groups of people. Im better with that these days,,,that was one thing that struck me when i met Jo and her friends...i felt comfortable and while i was definitely quieter then Jo i also definitely talked :) It was a great reminder of where i DON'T want to go too.

Today i have PT then im gonna try and do 30 minutes of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking...apparantly i have issues when it comes to running for 3 minutes im doing it at a much slower speed...its still hard for me but its doable. My breathing just really sucks when it comes to running. Tomorrow morning 7am body combat class! (oh thats gonna be hard being at the gym at 7am!) then some more running...then Ill see Amy to be weighed in...I sense a small gain coming my way (jumped on the scales yesterday and it showed a 800 gram gain...hopefuly tomorrow it wont be SO bad) Then afterwards im going to get my eyebrows waxed...mite go to the heart shop to get them to look at my HRM...and then its clothes shopping. I need to find something to wear for saturday nite for the gym awards dinner "thing" lol Ive got my knee high boots on layby which ill pick up tomorrow....a dress or skirt that would go with them would work perfectly. It would be really nice to be able to go out wearing something i feel good in....the biggest problem being im kinda a "inbetween" size....i have issues with shopping at the plus size stores...i simply DONT WANT TOO...i know if i went to places like city chic...i would prolly fit in there small to medium sizing...but damn its a plus size store ;) and whilst especially on top i can fit into size 16's on the bottom half im still a size 18...prolly a size 20 at times.

I need to start focussing more on how GOOD it will feel to hit that 76 kilo mark. I know its still a while away (18-19 kilos) but ive always "visualised" with my weight loss and that has helped to motivate me...but ive never really thought to much about "76 kilos" its a distant number...that doesnt seem to be the number for me....ive kinda settled in at 94-95 kilos like a comfy double digits...but far from slim but im kinda "okay" hre...BUT i dont wanna be KINDA okay...i wanna be healthy and one of those people in the healthy weight zone. And so with that said it really is time to knuckle down with the diet. I have been drinking diet coke but im not too fussed about that at this STAGE. I just need to be getting my protein up...staying with in my calories....eating lots of fruit and vegies and going from there. I think i would like to set the goal by the end of june to be under 90 kilos...thats 6 weeks...thats completely doable...especially as in another 2 weeks ill be off work and can do all my plans for my gym classes and really knuckle down.

Oh i did something yesterday that really caught me off guard! LOL I saw on the arm of my sofa...didnt really think too much of it....was there a few minutes then was like holy hell...look at concern im gonna break it LOL....thats a first!!

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