Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ive been missing in action eh??? Actually i went to post last nite but blogger was being a ass and down.

I have really had a successful week this week....ive curbed the diet back quite a still drinking my diet coke but my food has been much better. I had 5 days off work and i have been to the gym 5 days (normally i go 4 times a week)...i even made a 7am class yesterday on a day off! So my week looked like this:

mon - body combat + PT
tues - nothing
wednesday - body pump + body balance
thursday - PT
friday - body combat
saturday - PT + body pump + body balance

Not too shabby a effort if i do say so myself! Then friday i went clothes shopping! Who woulda ever thought clothes shopping could be fun?? So i have the foxy dinner to go to wearing my skinny jeans...and i bought this really pretty red + black top...i then bought a "corporal jacket" which is a short fitted jacket...and then last night i picked up my layby of my knee high high heeled boots! Man i am gonna look tall tonite!! So i am pretty sure by the time i run a brush thru my hair ;) and put on a lil bit of makeup ill be passable...and of course i will take a pic before i go out.

I also bought some new scales....omg im so freaking inlove with these things! Being the girl who scrutinizes everything and loving numbers etc...these scales weigh me, body fat %, water content %, muscle % (30.1%!!), BMI and your BMR. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee them!! Its gonna give me a much better all over picture of whats going on inside me...especially when i fluctuate or have a gain.

I also on friday renewed my contract at the gym and signed up for X-fit,,,,6 weeks of torture i mean exercises ;)

Yesterday i gymmed it....did PT first (21 flights of stairs thank you very much!!!)...then body pump and then body balance...i really notice once i am back into a few of the body balance classes that i really start to improve with the balance tracks. I then went home...went past a lil shop on the way home called "factorie" such cute tops...anyway bought a hoodie...its a firm fit....but great colours so will hopefully last me all of winter. Then last nite went to the dinner for the end of the foxy challenge...yummy dinner....i had angel hair pasta with crushed pine nuts, parmassan cheese, olive oil...and not a huge bowl which was good...just the right amount for me. They gave out some awards too for the challenge...i won the blue team award which means i won 3 PT i dont do enuff of them!! hehe but yes very happy with that....and how bizarre me winning anything....its all a new concept! Martine came along with me and it was great to catch up with her :)

Today i woke feeling like i have a damn hangover! LOL not sure what with that (especially as i drank more water yesterday then i have in ages!) Today im hanging around home and then this arvo going to mums to see my sister and the kids....mums having pizza for dinner tonite....ugh....i thought about taking my own food but if im not gonna eat some pizza when its right in front of me!!! So will make sure they get at least one thin crust pizza....

Below is a pic from last nite


JustJo said...

"anel" hair pasta? *giggles* that sounds rude! Hahahaha...
You are looking hot hot hot girl!

kazz said...

hahahaha oops! had to fix that up lol

Karen said...

OMG!! Kaz you just look stunning. I am so pleased for you. I hope that you and Marlene had great night. Enjoy your personal training sesssions - ha ha xo

To Band or not To Band? said...

A win!!! How nice is that? Wish Fiona lived near me! The PTs here don't push nearly hard enough I reckon! I lurve a good ass kicking!