Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well I feel much better today. I think getting to at least 4000 calorie burn over the next few weeks is definitely doable. I am eternally glad i have that heart rate monitor cos without it i wouldnt have figured it out! Now im excited to think i am going to be able to work towards getting that calorie burn up...and im going to religiously do these physio exercises so i can hopefully get back to the running and the treadmill sooner rather then later. I would really like to be able to go for walks in the evening but ive been told no walking in hilly areas....a lot of my area is hilly and i know i should really wait till the foot is healed. But so friggin frustrating! That said tonite i mite do Jillians kickboxing dvd....i cant do it all as the jumping stuff i cant do...(prolly the stuff that gets my heart rate up the most) but i know how to modify so they are low impact moves. Thats prolly the most frustrating part that walking on incline and running at this stage is out of the question. I just thought i downloaded the music for a couple of body combat, body pump and RPM releases...i am pretty sure 30 minutes of boxing moves could get my heart rate up.

Okies off to finish my work day...kangaroo burgers for dinner tonite!!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

Hey gorgeous! You are doing an amazing job! Have you thought about aqua aerobics as an exercise that will burn calories but not antagonise your calf? So much fun too!