Monday, April 05, 2010

Sausage rolls are evil :(

Yes they are! They are yummy as crap (the Thai pork ones i made) but they are very moreish and for the girl who loves bakery goods they really are not good in my house. When i get home from work tonite i am throwing the remainder out.

This easter is caught me out a bit. I havent done a big shop of filling up the freezer yet...there is not one piece of meat in the freezer...last nite really wasnt a good "healthy eating day" not the end of the world...but i ate too many of those blasted sausage rolls. And whilst eating them i was sitting there thinking i NEED the gym and fiona so bad lol i dunno what it is about the gym but it gives me more motivation then anything else does. I know the minute i walk in there things will fall into place...that said i lost 3.6 kilos last week and hopeful i will still have a loss this week. But in all honesty its not about the losses...i want that full focus i have when at the case i havent mentioned it lately...i love the gym lol...there is no way i could do this journey without it...i know plenty do and good for u if ur one of them...but we are all different and i am very aware of how essential the gym is to me journey...and im ready to get back in there and back to the state of thinking fiona is mean lol

Went out for a lovely lunch yesterday. At a place called wild thyme which is a organic cafe ... was real nice...only thing was i ended up with the runs (from the orange juice i think). I also managed to buy quinoa there so i will have to try that one nite soon.

Today i am working...bit of a bummer working on a public holiday...but awesome money so i will deal with it...tonite i am off to see my sister, niece, nephews and co...have a good easter monday all!

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Mad Woman said...

3.6 kilos?!? Holy bananas! That's awesome!!!

Sausage rolls ARE evil. I swear they jump down my throat!