Monday, April 05, 2010

I have decided to up my calories this week. This is something i have pondered for a while. My losses this year have been good...but the fact most websites recommend i eat higher then i have been has always been in the back of my mind. If i can eat more and maintain my losses or even increase them then id be insane not too as it will give me more room to move at different points where I struggle in the future. Of course this could fall into a pile of poo when i realise i am eating too much...i will watch the scales carefully over the week. At the very worst ill maintain and i dont really think thats a drama...scales are not what its about for me...whilst i love the numbers dropping...if in this week returning to the gym i simply maintained i would be fine cos i know getting back into exercise and doing a couple of hard sessions (which thursday and saturday they will be) my body may be saying "what the hell?" this week anyway...and sometimes i just love knowing its not about the scales...its about fitness levels etc.

That said im busting to get out their and do my weight program again...and do a good thorough workout of boxing. Also thursday nite i will do the first session of C25K.

Ok off i go


Martine said...

Good idea, I think juggling the calories around is a good idea and see how you go. I can imagine you miss the gym. I had a lunch today so couldn't go and was upset ! Golly Gee. On your recommendation I am trying to read up and get as much information as I can. A trainer comes up to me at the gym, he says if I can talk to him I am not working hard enough, so am pushing through the pain and fatigue barrier. Well done Mx

kazz said...

Martine i hate to say the trainers wrong - but i will! lol You shouldnt be able to sing but you should be able to talk altho not easily. But i think in relation to that the real key way to know if your working hard enuff is to get a HRM...i may actually write a post about interval training next weekend as i have been doing some research and gonna test out something during the week...stay tuned !

Mad Woman said...

Tread carefully with the calorie juggling....and keep an eye on the scales. I'm sure you'll do fine. Can't wait to hear how the gym goes!