Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday December 1

Well yesterday i was a lil bad lol (ok a lot bad) but whats done is done...i went to PT last nite...and told fiona i had gained 300 grams and she was like...but what happened with your body fat percentage? I was like i dunno...i dont have body fat scales....so her recommendation is i maybe look at getting some and focus more on that then the number on the scales. First thing fiona said was i have prolly gained muscle. When we started PT last nite shes like we will do more "bag" work so when u randomly come to my kickboxing class you are comfortable and know all the moves...i was like is that a hint? lol...big hint i am thinking lol

Today i am having a rest day...ive exercised the last 5 days...and my body feels a lil tired...prolly due to eating crap food yesterday admittedly!

Yesterday i did a bit of thinking...and yanno i think the doctors have had enuff goes with sorting out with whats wrong with me...so i rang a naturopath yesterday and have a appointment on 4/1/10 i told him that i ahve PCOS, low iron and apparantly hepatitis and he was all like...oh id love to work with u haha...anyway...he seems to think i prolly would just need to take some chinese herbal teas and that should sort me out...so ill put up with everything till then, I will still go see the specialist next week and see what he says about the surgery for the endoablasion.

Not much else going on...have a good day all!

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Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

Bad is over at least you admitted it and you are trying to sort it out. I always wanted to try a naturopath but been quite chicken.