Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday December 27

I went shopping today. Katies had 50% off everything. I bought 2 pairs of 3/4 trackpants for the gym, 2 tshirts, pair of board shirts (which are too small :() and also one of those uv shirts. Mite actually go back and buy another pair of board shorts next size up...anyway i got it all for $100 pretty impressed. All my workout gear for the gym was winter gear and too hot to wear long pants at the gym now and for my walks so was really happy i managed to buy several of them. I then went to this shop called "game" they had the US biggest loser game plus they had one called "just dance" so next pay day i mite go get them.

A group of us who use to go on the ww forum have a daily thread...and sam on it suggested yesterday for every kilo we lose this year we donate $1 to a charity next xmas. So as you can see over there <--------------------- i have set up my chart to keep track. Plus i am thinking seriously of doing the fernwood challenge.

Ok well off to watch my crime 360...back to work tomorrow for some public holiday pay lol then one more day and 22 days off work ! lol bring that chit on! lol

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