Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Well christmas day is coming to a close, i am about to watch my best friends wedding which i LOVE its just the best best movie.

Christmas day was really nice..i got some lovely presents including a gorgeous basket from the body shop...i love my baths and all that smelly stuff. When miss danielle was handing me my present she said "you will love that i picked it" lol She kept me VERY occupied at mums...she got "girl lego" all lego in girl colours lots of tones of pink and greens she had me busily building things...i also gave her make she was busy doing my face lol. The funniest thing tho was when it came to desert she told my and karyn are sharing so i didnt even have to have a whole bowl full...only issue was she poured cream over it...and lets just say half a container later it was more like cream with a lil pudding more so then pudding with a lil cream lmfao. My youngest nephew also challenged me to tennis on the wii the minute i walked in the doors (which not surprisingly i lost) so all round it was a fun day. I did have what i would call a non scale victory...Danielle put her kids sunglasses on my fat head today and they fitted...didnt mis-shape the glasses or anything...guess i no longer have a fat that is the non scale victory of the day lol.

This time of year does make me reflect on so much...this year can only be declared a success...20 kilos later...and i emerged as the girl who LOVES the gym (not quite sure how the hell that happened!) and that is great...and i really am so proud of that...but well this year is practically over and done with...its nearly a new year and as ive previously said time to up the ante.

Tomorrow i wanna spend the day getting my house all organised...ive worked so often lately it is VERY neglected. Sunday i am going shopping to get my body fat scales and board shorts! YAY! On thursday i am doing IT yep SWIMMING! I hope it all goes well...then come saturday...its all back into it...gym gym gym. I was watching ruby tonite...she is 400 pounds and was doing a gym class! With all these skinny people...chit if she can do it so can i ! I really REALLY really wanna get close to 100 kilos this year...i dont want it being empty words...i just wanna DO IT...busting BUSTING to get back into it! And also...i am thinking of doing the gyms next starts in february and basically the more you go to the gym the more points you earn...whilst id never would be good to set a goal of a number of points and work my lil ass off to get them. Anyway we will not usually a fan of "competition" as such and prefer to do my own thing in my own way...but mite mention it to fiona and see how it goes...oh and surprise mean trainer sent me a merry xmas text today which i thought was really nice! So for today she is not mean lol

Okies i am off...!

PS jo - hugest congrats .... such a wonderful really happy for you and your family :)


Tania said...

Sounds like you've had a great day mate! You have definitely achieved a lot and have so much to be proud of this year! Congrats on the massive amount of progress you're making.

JustJo said...

Awww thanks hun! I'm still smiling! Sounds like you have had a great Christmas - loaded with family - how wonderful!!! Have fun cleaning the house ;)