Friday, September 25, 2009

Yes another damn post! Over the last month or two ive got frustrated numerous times at this whole weight loss thing and i think i have finally figured out why ! Its been 3 years since i started this whole thing (was 3 years august 6) and i dont think i ever expected it to take this long...and i think the fact i ahve hit that 3 years frustrates the hell out of me...that said i know ive made a huge difference etc etc but doesnt take the frustration away. I've been thinking about tomorrow mornings PT session and mite take the "wellness program" stuff in to do instead of working out...i think we would only have one or two more sessions on it and having that focus once we have finished will certainly help. That said i have been going really good lately...with exercise and food....after my bitching about the slimplicity program i really have it working well for me now...and love that im eating very limited processed ive adjusted to not much crap food i really find it quite easy to follow now.

I forgot to say tania also walking at glenelg for lunch next sunday sounds great - hopefully be a lot better weather then this weekend !

Oh and yes i know KNOW know jody my blog needs updating as in the layout - hopefully next weekend i will have some decent photos and can do that !

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Tania said...

Yay to walking on Sunday - i'm loving my pedometer it's making me increase my walking all the time.

As to the 3 year frustration - forget about it! Can't measure in terms of weeks, months or years what is a LIFESTYLE change! Well that's what I keep telling myself.

You're making a difference and there's no end in sight mate, this fabulous new healthy lifestyle of yours is FOREVER - enjoy it!