Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday September 25

So went to the gym last nite...and in boxing fiona wanted to use the friggin boses (yes she likes my distate for the contraptions) lol anyway she then had me doing jabs on the bloody things. I am sure she gets me to use the things cos she knows i hate them lol but regardless it was a good solid work out. Was quite funny i was doing these kicks against these padded poles and fiona was behind it holding them and sara another personal trainer starts yelling out "harder karyn harder" im like geeesh this is like having two damn trainers LOL My knee wasnt sore at all last nite YAY so i did the ducks (squats) with pretty much ease

Tonite i am having a nice quiet EARLY night. Gonna go to my fave lil italian restuarant in my area and pick up some ravioli amatriciana yumyum!!! I alwyas drink a truckload of water after it as it has chilli in it...its become my "treat" lately and i have no desire for pizza or kfc (yes you did read that right!) when i can go have a yummy pasta dish and bigger bonus is no cream in this dish so its super healthy.

Tomorrow morning its a early session of weights followed by a hair cut and colur and then a eyebrow wax ! Yes its a me day ;)

Not a lot else to say...bloody raining again in Adelaide...yip yip yay lol

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