Monday, September 28, 2009

Well start of another week. BLAH lol. Tonite i have a PT session of boxing with some light walking on the treadmill for my warm up. Debating on lunch today...the cafe at work is doing yiros's (which i love!) so mite treat myself...they are 500 calories..and these are made at work not on a spit with oil repitively dripped on them so shouldnt be too dangerous.

I invited Leigh to come out to dinner with me and Jaimee this weekend...whether that was a wise move or not im not sure...i think i should just face facts she isnt interested. If she doesnt come i dont care...maybe that would be better anyway...I am really looking forward to catching up with ms J.

So its my last few days at the current gym, wednesday is the last nite there will be very strange to move to the other gym. Starting to think about what to do with the gym when my contract expires in april (yes i have another 6 months to go but this will be a big decision) Currently i train with fiona 3 times a week...i always did this with the hop/belief that at the end of the 12 months i would be completely capable of doing classes...this i dont think is the case...i am paying $206 a fortnight at the moment...which si the membership, dietician and fionas sessions. Now I dont think I would ever not go to fernwood (well unless fiona left for some reason) but i dont think i wanna commit when this contract is up to another 12 months of such a high amount to pay on a fortnightly basis...going back to one PT session and the dietician would be $136 a fortnight...still not a huge difference in price only $70 (i dont think i am really paying for my 3rd PT session per week at the moment but shhhhhhhhh on that ! LOL) realistically fiona is what will keep me at fernwood...not that i dont like it i do...but its in the city...a lil bit of a pain to get too especially during winter...but im sure without fernwood i wouldnt be at where i am now even tho im nowhere near where i wanted to be. Then there is the fact that a gym has opened at the top of my street plus there is contours around the im quite undecided about it all...of course i would hate to not train with fiona.

Okies off i go


266 said...

Can you ask her if she would be willing to meet you at the closer gym for 1 private training session per week?

Tania said...

April's still a fair way away mate, cross that bridge when you get to it - you may just surprise yourself with what you're capable of achieving then.