Sunday, September 27, 2009

My bloody mp3 player that I bought all of a week ago isnt working ! ugh my computer doesnt detect it when i plug it in and when i turn it on it stays stuck on the initial screen and theres no damn reset button on it...thankfully i still have the will return it this week...i dont want a replacement i either want a ipod or a that i realise this brand may have its issues so think I may get a more reliable brand...but see what they say first.

Im starting to get nervous about this weeks weigh in having not weighed myself since wednesday morning is bizarre ... i know ive eaten well...ive exercised...i stopped taking the nasal spray (which had steroids in it) and now im just hoping for a loss...any main concern is not to go bloody back over 130 kilos. My main concern is i did have a meat pie for lunch (it was from work was free for a football themed day) that was last wednesday but i know pies have nearly enuff calories for a full day...oh not so bad...i just checked in my calorie counter...450 calories altho of course the 24 grams of fat in it aint so good lol

Anyway not too much else going not so sure about the hair do anymore think it makes me look too much like a mite allow it to grow down to my shoulders (not a big deal my hair grows very fast) enjoy ur sunday all

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