Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday September 23

Daylight savings is coming ! My favorite nerd ryan reminded me of this last nite...i dont gym it generally on wednesday nites and a walk after dinner sounds perfect (now i have the othotics i got i can walk currently for 30 minutes with no pain ;)) its still currently too dark but another 10 days or so and that will be part of my plan.

How exciting that Sean from cardio coach left me a comment! Thats whose voice i was listening too while doing the treadmill last nite "focusing on myself" hehe ;) I went and bought another 3 of the workouts today...downloaded them this morning just gotta chuck em on my groovy mp3 player now and ill be ready to go. I was really impressed when going at the hardest level i had the gradient on the treadmill at TEN yes TEN people! But it wasnt that ahrd cos its only several minutes at that speed...then i go into rest mode of gradient 5 lol but im so impressed with how quickly the time seemed to fly by.

As i currently have no plans this weekend i have decided to do some "me" things. I have managed to swing a early session with fiona saturday morning...after that i have a hair appointment (gotta get the greys covered up! LOL) Then i MIGHT go again looking at dresses...mite go to katies and have a nosy around. Friday and saturday nite im gonna stay in...but seeing as ive been sick i kinda think thats a good idea. Then next weekend is gonna be GREAT! Friday we have "Ofest" at work which is basically half a day off LOL we go to the showgrounds...last year they had bands performing (including that hot goddess vanessa amarosi) then as well as the music there was food, drinks, masssages etc etc...all the while we are being paid to attend! That finishes at 4pm and Ryan wants us to meet up with Jaimee for a drink or dinner. NO gym all that weekend as its closed while they move to the new premises. Sunday i am off to lunch with tania...and at some point me and jaimee are having a "girls catchup" prolly saturday or sunday night. I am even tempted to go to the zoo if there is some nice weather...get out have a nice walk take some fotos and look at all the cute animals :) I would like to set myself a challenge that weekend of a nice long walk...not sure whereabouts...i wish i lived near national parks or something to go for a real challenging walk n something very different.

All else is going fab...last nights weigh in has left me completely re-energised and refocused...i can do this :)

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Tania said...

How about we head down to Glenelg for lunch on the Sunday and park a good distance away if the weather is nice - it's always a pleasant walk around there.