Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday September 22

Woke up this morning and the bloody scales are up UGH on weigh in day not only that going from a morning to a evening weigh in so i am expecting a gain of about a kilo or more dammit...oh well...im still eating so bloody well and im convinced the issue isnt the food going into my mouth...more i need to up the ante of exercise (i didnt really do any last week due to being sick) Yesterday i went out for 2 small works at work...managed to fit them in when the weather wasnt too bad (we had dreadful weather yesterday) i also think part of this is a mental issue....i really think i am not meant to get under 130 kilos...think i need to go buy some books on positive thinking.

Went to the gym last nite...i was telling fiona ive noticed some pain in my left hip...she got me to stand still and looked at me from behind and she believes my left hip is about a inch higher then my right hip. Anyway will say how it goes for the next week or so if it doesnt settle down the gyms pilates instructor is a physiotherapist so i will go see her and fiona will try and come to the appointment so that her and kylie (the physio) will work together on this. I must admit i had a big grumble last nite...i feel like everytime i turn around im sick or ive got sore feet or sore hips or whatever...fiona was like u prolly had all these viruses etc before but now your healthy your body is getting rid of all these toxins now that your body can recover from these things easier. THEN we started the new weights program...i actually rather like this program...the interesting exercise was standing on a bose trying to balance...fiona throws a 5 kilo medicine ball to me (started with a 4 kilo one and built it up to 5 kilos)i then catch it while still balancing in the bose i then do a squat and then throw the ball back...and we do this 12 times...then repeat again...at one point i was asking how heavy the ball was and she was like...oh and this is the heaviest so i mite have to start throwing dumbells to u soon hahahhaha smart ass trainer ;) I was planning to do 2 weight sessions this week....but im wondering if i should do 2 boxing sessions or even maybe one boxing session and one cardio machine session (UGH she asks me about them occassionally and im always like nooooooooooooo) i also think i need to really increase the exercise and some harder cardio...if i hadnt had problems with my knee id consider doing a step class...will be interested to see the classes once they release the new class timetable for at the new gym

Okies time to go get ready for work ! Have a good day all :)

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