Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday September 3

Well day off YAY. Went to the gym this morning...had a good workout...did weights...burned 458 calories. I told fiona that i had lost 49 centimetres around my waist in the last year....she thought that was awesome. Then this afternoon i went to the dentist. FIVE needles to get all the areas numb (they were working on a back tooth and my 4 front teeth) My whole mouth was numb (and the appointment finished at 3.30pm and the numbness has only gone away in the last hour or so), my nose was numb too which was the most horrible sensation as i spent about 6 hours feeling like i cant glad thats gone away front 4 teeth look awesome...the dentist gave me before and after pics and the difference is amazing. My gum is still quite sore but im sure that will settle down in a day or so, the back tooth they removed some of the packing...did a lil work on some of the tissue and then refilled and sealed it. The appointment cost over $2000 (thank gawd for private health i only have to pay $750 of it) and i now dont go back till november...presuming everything heals fine. I am suppose to gym it tomorrow...depending how i feel i may not work out if my mouth is still sore i will take in the wellness paperwork and do that with fiona. Oh and should i tell you how funny it was trying to drink out of a can of soft drink earlier???? ahahahhah gawd....had to go invest in some straws lol

I also enrolled in a candlemaking course! I have wanted to do this for yearsssssssssss! Its on october 10 for 4 hours. Theres lots of courses i wanna do jewellery making, the candle making, cooking courses and cake decorating courses. One step at a i hope this course is good...if i enjoy it i will do the continuing course too...i also saw a course on setting up a small organic garden in a small area (such as a courtyard) so mite have to give that a try too.

Ok i am off to rest and hopefully get some sleep...enjoy ur friday all!


Jody said...

Gawd woman you act like you've never been to a dentist appt before ...ooops haven't been in

Geesh Suck it Up... ~ slapping my forehead~ another were trying and had to go out and buy straws!! LOL

Damn you entertain me!! That's why I love you like I're a nerd!!

kazz said...

rofllllllllllllllllll@ suck it you have 5 needles and then see how u go woman! Thank gawd is all i can say for pain killers...i have photos of my teeth before and after mite have to get someone to scan the photos into the puter so i can show ya the before and after....pretty amazing! And come on MSN occassionaly u h0 i never get to chat to u lately !