Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19

Well the 12 week challenge at work starts on monday. This week i have been pretty good altho not fanatical about my food...that said i have dropped 2.2 kilos since thursday. My main focus is going to be the gym. I am gonna of course eat well but i really wanna start getting into the classes more. Monday depending what time my session with fiona turns out to be i am planning to do either a RPM class or a amazing abs class before my session with fiona. I wish there was a simple test you can do like a fitness test or something and from that would be capable of doing this, this and this class. I'd like to do body combat, body jam and body step but i have no idea if i can cope with them. My biggest issue is always with cardio...weights i can handle pretty heavy weights and my stomach muscles seem to be improving but i get paranoid about going into a class and simply not coping in a cardio sense. I know i can do the different exercises etc its putting them altogether and keeping up without having a cardiac arrest and collapsing in a heap on the floor (wouldnt be a good look lol) and i know if i did do a heap of classes i would feel so much better as long as i can cope with the class and not feel like the local idiot.

Last nite when i got my tax done lol took all of 10 minutes...quickest $100 that guy ever made...i am getting back $504 and seeing the dentist is $676 after i take works voucher into account i only have to come up with like $160 which works good for me!

Not much else happening...apart from bloody debating these exercise classes ... have a good day all

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Trish said...

Hey kazz

Love reading your daily posts - hav left an award on my blog for you if you would like to come and collect it