Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday June 3

Hi ho hi ho its off home tonite i go ! lalalala yayyyyyyyyyyy home to my house with no animals tonite lol. Last nite i was having a shower and the mutts poo'd in my bedroom and then wee'd in the lounge room arghhhhhhhhh bloody buggers ! I think they are severely missing their owners. Tonite after i weigh in i go there, pack up my stuff, feed the animals and then off home i go.

Last nite i didnt end up doing cardio just my 30 minutes of boxing with fiona. She again was saying how my balance has improved...she was saying when i would do kicks before i would be so tentative and now she gets on my case to use a lot of power in my kicks and they are really improved :)

Walked into work this morning and was popping some mail in the mail box at reception when the receptionist turned around and said "you are looking great lately" weeeeeeeeeeee ! I said a big thank you and walked out with a huge grin on my face.

Today i have training from 10am-3pm...bring it on...3/4 of the day with no customers ;)

Tonite i weigh in...i jumped on mums scales this morning and they were looking good...the aim is for 500 gram loss anything over that is a bonus (I have been very good tho so i deserve a good loss!)

okies time for some work...have a good day all xox

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