Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10

Well I was one sick puppy last nite :( Just as i was leaving work i got very hot and a headache by the time i got into town i was feeling like i was going to throw up. But being the glutton for punishment i still went to the gym. Fiona said...wanna do boxing or weights? I was like well I dont wanna throw up on you so lets go for weights LOL. And she was VERY one point she said are you about to have a dummy spit and throw a tantrum at me? hahhahaa. When i did the fitbill exercise doing the chest press she had me doing 13.75 kilos on each arm while sitting on the fitball and she said to me i cant do this weight while sitting on the fitball...i said "oh rubbish" she was like no serious you beat me at this one LOL Anyway i then came home and was in bed by 7.20pm. And slept thru till i woke this morning...i still didnt feel great this morning so i didnt go to work...i did go and get my blood test done so i have a appointment to get those results on saturday morning.

Last weekend i put out all my "excess furniture" yanno all the crap you seem to gather? And as i need a new lounge suite...the lounge suite went out too...i have only one chair in the lounge room but it goes out tonite for tomorrow mornings collection. The lounge room looks so spacious its bizarre. Next is the challenge of going shopping for new furniture...i know what i want in my just need to find the furniture. I will hopefully find what i want over the next few weeks for delivery whilst i am on holidays. I will then have a lovely lounge room and if i invite people in it wont be a big deal cos it will look lovely ! And more importantly if i meet someone i can have them over ;) also i am buying my wii tomorrow nite ! omg so excited ! Toys r us has a package with the console, mario brothers tennis and wii sports plus some accessories and also they have the EA action for $74.95 and eb games have said they will match the i will be getting them from EB Games tomorrow nite YAY

Feeling better this afternoon and will duck into the gym to weigh in and then head back working out or anything...then a nice early nite.

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