Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday June 1

Headed out to the wheaty with the girls yesterday. When i got there, there was someone i know thru friends of friends but who i havent seen for ages she was like "your face is so skinny now" lol...then she told me i need to go buy new clothes ;) and heres the most bizarre thing....i think the chick serving behind the bar was flirting with me ! Now i dont know this for sure...but when i got there i went and ordered a drink and the eye contact was definitely there...THEN she was collecting glasses came over to our table...there were 3 glasses to be collected...and even tho my glass was empty she asked just me if i had finished with my drink lol maybe i imagined it but regardless made me feel good. Anyway was a nice arvo they have this covered outdoor area now with heaters so we sat under it in front of the heater while it rained.

I have not been drinking as much soft drink lately and have been increasing my water intake and i have noticed today my skin on my face is back to being soft again and im noticing the difference again in my hair YAY next pay day i am getting my hair chopped and coloured it desperately needs it, and the most exciting news is that next pay day i am finally paying off my tax bill...long story of a $6000 debt but yayyyyyyyyyy getting rid of it this pay which means i will have a additional $150 for me each fortnite thankfully.

Tonite off to the gym for some cardio and then PT with fiona think we are doing boxing tonite...ok have a good day all xox

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