Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a lil stumble

Well yet again I have found if I miss the gym for a few days I am quite as good as I should be...had way too much orange juice (why is ONLY water and diet soft drinks the only 0 point drinks?) way too much fish...yes I know all good foods but way too much of all. I made a couple of decisions today....firstly...I will never go more then 2 days without visiting the just screws me up...i dunno what it is about that damn gym but it keeps me so focussed (ok so maybe its the hawt chicks?) the other is...I need to go out is too easy still for me to fall into bad habits. This is going to be interesting with me about to go on 10 days leave lol...friday nite there is a girls nite...but im working 9am saturday morning and i also need to attend the gym friday nite so i will prolly skip it. So now to decide what to do on sunday...i would like to go to the markets down at the pooraka drive sucks that buses dont run till after midday here on sundays...ive never been there so not sure what timethose markets stay open till...anyone know? Tania? Jo?

Anyway no big drama i over ate...but its just a lil stumble....

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Tania said...

LOL ... i've lived in the northern suburbs and still haven't been to the gepps cross markets, so can't help you much there!

Know what you mean with the exercise thing - it's all or nothing, either food, water, exercise is all perfect but when one falters so do others.

Is this where I should remind you of the Kazz that used to stuff up by going out for KFC or getting pizza delivered??? :-)