Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day of rest...

Well another sleep in today.... damn im getting use to not waking till after 8am.

I watched the last episode of L wtf?????? i still dunt know who killed jenny or even if jenny killed herself !! my gawd its worse then who killed JR....i then watched itty bitty titty was a really nice movie...not what i expected but i enjoyed it.

I watched thelatest episode of US biggest loser...i loved it !! Jillians team won 24 hours of they got chauffered away got dinner made for them (the lil buggers ate over 15,000 calories between 7 of em), then they had tequila shots...then one had some cigerettes and then they went off to the bar to finish getting plastered lol...jillian comes in the next day and goes off her nut....hahhahaha omg it was so funny....she was swearing like a trooper

Today gonna do a lil more housework...and not much else.

Monday week i am going over to mums for dinner and have told her i will cook. So have told her just have chicken breasts and pasta in the house ill pick up the gonna make my dish i had last nite actually...chicken pieces and onion fried with light evap milk added and spinich and for me and mum semi dried tomatos added mums hubby has gout so cant eat tomatos so he wont have any in his....then im gonna buy some meringue shells and fill with some of the nestles choc dessert and top with strawberries and bananas. All sounds delish to me !

The scales are still moving in the right direction...and i am incredibly proud without a meeting how well ive done this week....will i get under 135 kilos tomorrow? will i reach 35 kilos tomorrow? its like a huge who dunit !!!! hahhahaha i will let you all know tomorrow

Okies off i go...have a good day all


Tania said...

LOL @ the title of that movie - can't possibly imagine why they would think it was porn ;-) I think you're right about being accountable to yourself - and with the exercise you're definitely on the right track. Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow, hope you reach your 35kg goal.

LOL @ the blister - only you could manage that one, hope it's healing.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look babe and i have only just finished season 2!!! so don't tell me! Argh! I am addicted!