Sunday, February 08, 2009

Its my friday,,,altho its sunday,,,

I work today (till 8pm) and then have the next two days off. Must admit i am concerned about weighing in tomorrow nite...i am going from morning to evening weigh ins and its only been 4 days since my last weigh in...i dont even care if i stay the same,,,,and yanno if i gain,,,i gain,,,,i know its not a real gain its cos of the change in weigh in times...and i know ive lost by my scales (altho only around 300 grams) but as the saying has been lately its just a case of "suck it up princess" and getting on with the job at hand.

Tomorrow i have a PT session....and normally i am suppose to warm up for 10 minutes and then we do the session,,,,but lately ive only been doing a couple of minutes before we start using the theory "i dont wanna tire myself out before the session" LOL but tomorrow i am going in 30 minutes early and i will hit that treadmill hard for 20 minutes and the last 10 i will slow the pace a lil so im not a puffed out freak when we start.

I was really sore last friggin tail bone was severely hurting me. But seems fine today, my arms and legs are tired but not painful so im thinking thats all a good thing.

I think I mentioned I bought michelle bridges book? I really recommend it....ive read all the books...bob greene...jillian michaels...dr phil etc etc but this one especially the emotional stuff (and theres several chapters on this) some of this really hit home with me.

My lil edible garden is doing very good! I have one cherry tomato ready to pick - yes ONE! LOL theres another 2 that should be ready in a few i have a feeling roasted cherry tomatos will be happening this week sometime. The cherry tomato plant has grown, 2 of the mixed capsicum plants has grown real well too (and has some flowers on it) and the strawberry plant is thickening up a lot too. Over m next two days im planning at some stage to go back to the gardden store. I wanna buy a birdfeeder....they had lil ones u hang up all rustic loooking made with twigs and i bought small wild bird seed the other id like to plant a few more different plants so maybe tuesday morning i will do that.

I am noticing especially over the last few weeks im not on the puter as much. Last nite came home....cook scrambled egg on toast....had a nice shower then watched the movie "knocked up" it was really a very cute movie not exactly what i expected but i liked it all the same.

I just watched episode 4 of the US's current biggest some ways i like there shows better...they had a chef come on it (who was a aussie !) and showed them some different ways to cook chicken and shows bob harper talking to them a lot about different foods...the other interesting thing is they are all mostly bigger then the australian contestents but they dont seem to "play the game" they all work as a team...and usually when they eliminate so far they have based it on who needs to be there the most.

I will miss most of the aussie one tonite (altho ill have the tv at work on but volume will be down and well customers mite dare to interrupt my viewing - the nerve of them !) then i will race home and hopefully see the last 10 minutes of it.

Okies gonna go chill for a bit before heading to work....enjoy your sunday all =]

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