Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blah days

Well its been a couple of blah days altho im starting to feel a bit better and put things in the right perspective in my head.

So whats been going on? Firstly...about 8 weeks ago my friend Ryan left work to go work in the city...NOW jaimee has gone and got a position at the same place. Her last day is next friday, so yesterday she told me that. She came in this morning said something about it...i held up my hand and said hush we are not discussing this today lol then i had planned out my xmas. The last couple of xmas's i have applied for leave...last year they said to me "you had last year off cant guarantee you will get this year off" anyway so i decided to not put in for leave and to work it. My sister and her family will be in streaky bay anyway i told my mum u go over there...and she only would if i would look after their work has turned around and given me the day off (3 days off in fact) so i am now stuck at home alone for xmas...its not the end of the world but of course it is kinda sucky....yesterday i was completely pissed off about it...but tonite i am feeling better. Im a adult...its not really that big a deal...its not like im expecting santa to come down the chimney.

Weight loss all is going well...went to the dietician today....she went thru 2 of my STGTBT books and we picked out recipes i can have and she made some amendments to some. She also weighed me and the scales dropped by another all progressing in the right direction and i had THREE compliments in the last two days. Yesterday david've lost weight since you've been going to the gym havent u? And when i said yes he said yeh u can tell...then today im sitting at my desk and jaimee turned around and said "u are getting so much smaller" and thirdly lindsay one of the managers said are u still going to the gym? i said yeh...and she said yeh u can tell =] so all 3 were nice. The good thing is I am noticing it too...I just feel smaller...hard to pinpoint how...but i am just feeling it...altho i looked at a window in a shop today and thought...gawd what a huge ass ! lol

One of the girls I met from the speed dating messaged me the other nite =] And also Ange the girl I have spotted and like altho she doesnt have access to sending messages on pink sofa only generic "smiles" sent me a smile the other nite. She is going to the picnic on sunday so with luck Ill get a chance to talk to her.

Oh and anyone who reads my journal and has facebook if u wanna add me feel free as most of my pics etc are stored on email addy for it is

Off for some sleep

ni ni all =]

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chicarica said...

What is STBTGTRT or whatever the initials were??

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