Sunday, September 14, 2008

A lesson learned...

Well came home from work last night...and I seriously wanted something that i dont view as healthy ... a treat...i have absolutely nothing in the house that could be deemed a treat (even to the point of not even a pepsi max as my dietician told me no more) what did i do? Well pizza came into i know bad...but...its a lesson learnt...which is...95% of what the dietician tells me ill follow the other 5% ill use moderation and what i honestly think i can handle. Now admittedly this has happened twice in 5 weeks...which i dont think is that bad...especially as both times it happened a few days before TOM...and i am not concerned but just wanna put measures in place to avoid it happening again. So...what i have decided is at this point i wont cut out the pepsi only having it once a day which was a huge drop from drinking it constantly and its a treat with my dinner. Also i am gonna keep on hand a couple of low point "treats" (prolly weight watchers pizza or light fish fillets that birds eye sells) this way when i am in one of the moods ill reach for something that will do lil damage. I have also decided that saying no going out etc doesnt work. I know from the past i can go out once a week...have a nice meal and still lose weight - not like im not doing everything else right for goodness sakes ! So in some senses i am going to try and loosen up a lil bit to try and avoid this situation happening again...i need to also remember this is lifestyle for life. I think also as i tend to when TOM is due i can get quite moody and i was thinking like...this is going to be forever till i feel happy with my weight which is quite a different thought to how i feel today and how i normally feel...i mean im buzzed at how well im doing at the was a lil setback but i will put things in place to avoid it happening again.

I am of course at work rude on a sunday lil own having to be here at 7am. But on the flip i started so early i finish work at 3pm and then i am off till wednesday. No great plans altho...tomorrow i have a PT session and then in the evening i am planning to go do pilattes...and tuesday at this stage i think i might go see a movie (weather is not suppose to be too nice so the walk along the torrens mite be out)

Okies...wish me a speedy sunday till 3pm ! lol have a good day off for my weetbix =]

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