Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well im trying to get my head in the right place....well i kinda thing it is...i spent a lot of time yesterday reading up on metformin (tried to ask on the ww forum about anyone having issues with it n fluid retention but the thread didnt stay on i did a lot of reading at which has a section of their forum dedicated to PCOS...i rang and made a appointment with the doc on saturday but im gonna ring back today and ask for a appointment with a female doctor. I am really wondering if I should be taking metformin the doctor was pretty full on about me taking it...but last time i had my insulin tested (only about 3 months ago) i was in the normal range...when i read up on it one of the side effects CAN be weight gain and fluid retention. I took it a couple of years ago but i was taking it in a different way then...i was taking it several times a im taking a slow release one once a day...but i am wondering if maybe i should just not be taking it. The scales are still up by 1.5 kilos today...after lots of reading last nite and thinking Ive kinda come to the conclusion that first off I need to focus on my PCOS. I tend to not take it into account...and I never really think about whats the best thing to do for my PCOS. I know there are some good books out on PCOS with one I know is specifically aimed at the right kind of foods for with PCOS so i am going to go to the bookstore tomorrow and see i I can grab it. I am then going to read it and integrate it with my ww...i may have to look at going on core i suspect. But I will do this one step at a time...firstly I will get the book and then see the doctor and discuss it...its very frustrating to think I am paying ww and eating well and yet gaining. I do sometimes wonder if its my age or what...i cant help but think there is something thats not right....cos this is very similar to what happened at the anyway ill discuss it with the doc and see what happens from there.

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