Saturday, July 12, 2008

Got a dayam abscess a damn abscess in my mouth. Thursday nite i had a toothache,,,,went to sleep....woke up was fine, then yesterday went to eat my lunch a couple of bites into it im in tears and such bad pain. So I rang around trying to get in to a dentist...which of course i out of desperation i made a appointment with my doc hoping for some pain killers. He had a look and said its a abscess,,,,gave me painkillers and antibiotics. I had a pretty restless nice till the 3rd dose of pain killers kicked in....then managed to get some decent sleep. Today its not too bad altho im due now for another dose of pain killers and am starting to feel it. But nowhere near as sore as yesterday.

Weight wise the scales have gone i should be heading for a say what i think but last time i did the ww scales didnt agree with me so we will wait and see lol Did discuss my weight with the doc. explained all the fluctuatin etc. If after a couple of more months if its not moving....they are going to refer me to a endocrinologist/metabolic for now staying on the metformin and staying on plan =]

Okies...a short post....i need more meds and am sleepy...

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