Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well sunday morning 8.37am and i am at work. But it is our "friday" so its all good. Come 4pm i then have two days off. I havent had two days off together for about 3 weeks so am really looking forward to the time off.

Had another weirdo dream last night...dreamt i was pregnant (think we would call that the immaculate conception lol) anyway i was huge big big tummy didnt know when i was due so i asked a friend when i was due and she was like in 3 months...and then i had to move house while pregnant and i was moving on august 11 but i realised i didnt have any baby stuff so i rang my mum to buy me a nappy bucket, cot and pram at garage sales and mum said i cant ill be at streaky bay till sunday so wont be going to garage sales LOL - i did want it was a weird dream.

Last nite i was bored so went to bed at friggin i went to my bedroom with a magazine...switched the tv on...but it didnt come i thought oh shit its dead (not that its a big drama i bought it from a garage sale and its worked for about 5 years at least lol) anyway so i read for a bit...then rolled over to fall asleep...and just falling asleep when the tv turned itself on and football came raring out...scared the crap out of me !

Tomorrow on my day off im planning to go thru my recipe books to figure out some recipes to make over the next few weeks. I am also planning to make some low fat muffins. So looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning...but ill prolly wake at some ungodly hour - blah.

Foodwise was spot on with 27 points again another good day. Sneaked a peak at the scales and i will definitely have a thats good news...not a huge loss...but still a loss.

Oh and remember the jeans that were bruising my stomach they were so tight? Well at work i was leaving them theyre still tight but yesterday they stayed buttoned up the entire day YAY

okies off i go...enjoy all

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Shrinking Tardie said...

The size of the loss doesn't matter Kazz. The one question you've got to ask is "Is it coming off????". That's it.