Monday, May 19, 2008

Well im a goddamn slack ass eh? But I rejoined ww online today. I was debating over doing it online vs meetings...but when i looked at the success of jaxx and nat who dont go to meetings i thought bugger it i can do it without meetings too. So im trying not too put too much pressure on myself...just focus on staying within my points this week...hopefully that will lead to a nice healthy loss...and that I can then build on it. Finally got my new mobile...o0o its flash its a nokia 6500...very nice...but i didnt have numbers saved to the sim card so have lost a lot of phone numbers...oh well.

Came into work today and I had been nominated for a spot won some more wishlist 10000 points last week too..(which have converted to a $300 myer voucher which should get in the next week or two) Then i can go shopping and buy some new desperate for some new bras...and some new clothes would be nice. This weekend i have to wash and pack up the clothes that no longer fit that I am giving to tracy as well.

Bought some marinated yiros chicken at the butchers last week. So will cook them up tonight...and then have a home made yiros with some oven fries for dinner. Should be a lot less points then getting one from a take away store plus no garlic sauce.

This weekend is the golden dance and me and felicity are going...havent been to one in ages so should be a lot of fun.

Well enough for today,,,promise i will update more off to play with my new phone LOL

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