Monday, April 28, 2008

Well thanks for everyones comments and emails. Don't worry Im not giving up...foodwise I didnt have a great weekend with food...wasnt terrible but could have been better. I think once i get of working evening i will be a lot better. SO just 4 more days and then things will be much better. I worked till 11pm last nite and start work at 1pm today. Tonite Ill hopefully be in bed by 11pm and so can get to the gym before work. In regards to yesterdays post what I have decided is to eat more protein. I really do believe 1200 calories is not enough for someone of my weight. Im not gonna cut back anymore on my carbs as I have already reduced them heaps...when I lost my 26 kilos I was eating a lot more pasta and also white pasta/ im eating good carbs...and they do recommend 5 carb servings a day which is what I am having...but i mite not have the carb in my morning snack and either add that to breakfast i have it with my dont worry not giving up or anything like that....derailed for a few days....but todays a new day lol. Im also not gonna weigh myself till June 1...Im gonna ask jenna not to tell me my weight either,,,,will try this tactic and see how i go.

Gawd just started bucketing down...hope it stops within the next hour or so..not looking forward to going and catching the bus in the rain. Not too much else going on...have a good day all ! =]

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Anonymous said...

I LURVE your goals! Gr8 work and i will definitely give you a driving lesson when I visit Adelaide if you need one!

As for the weigh thing - it sounds great and how fantastic will you feel if you jump on in June and have lost heaps!