Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well im having a dilema. So ive been following fernwoods eating plan...its 1200 calories a day. Now i did it last year and seemed to lose weight. Doing it this time i dont seem to be,,,instead i am having fluctuations of up to 2 kilos. Now I remember my body when doing curves i only lost 700 grams in a 8 week period and the minute i stopped going to curves i went back to losing weight again. I cant get past it the scales are messing with my mind. Yesterday I was off track had a chocolate bar and about 7 hot chips. Now im wondering if the fernwood plan is too restrictive for my weight. If i was doing ww id be on 26 gonna put a typical plan of food on the fernwood plan here in a minute and id be interested in feedback ive done a addup in my head and think its only around 20-22 points. So im wondering if i should try a few weeks on the ww plan...still attend the fernwood dietician and use that as my weigh ins but follow ww, i checked online and if i calculated right the BMR to stay at this weight is 3000 calories...i mean otherwise surely at this weight i should be losing? I understand maybe not losing big amounts but putting on weight doesnt make sense to me and its doing in my only other thought is to go to the doctors and see what they think...okies heres a average day plan

slice of multigrain bread
glass of milk or yoghurt

slice of multigrain bread with small amount of peanut butter


2 slices of multigrain bread
30 grams of ham


1/3 cup uncooked pasta
60 grams of meat

Okies would love some feedback ! The other thing is its pretty tight not much i can change and theres no allowance for treats...even like this fortnight working nites i cant have frozen dinners which would have made life so much easier !


Anonymous said...

i would say that maybe there is too much bread! Maybe you need to up the protein and down the carbs?!? Maybe see a naturopath to see if you have food intolerences - that may help.......

or the WORST scenario - put your scales away for 4 weeks - kind of a challenge. Our bodies lose in 4 week cycles or get fat/muscle/water scales so you can see exactly what you are gaining!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not a professional and everyone is different so take it with a grain of salt for sure.

The first thing I notice is lots of wheat. I'm wheat intolerant and from what I understand a lot of people are and don't even really know it.

For me, one of the things that manifests is that when I eat weight I can NOT lose weight. This isn't just a carb thing. I can eat similar servings of brown rice for example and lose like crazy.

You also mention the curves thing and gaining weight. Something that happens when you start to work out is that your muscles get properly hydrated. The water they start to hold, while it certainly makes you function better over all (this isn't like unhealthy water retention) can cause a person to see gains or no motion on the scale for up to a month or even two.

So maybe take a week off from bread and wheat pasta and see how you feel and what happens on the scale. And when it comes to the exercise, you might just want to get the food sorted out when yo do, pick an exercise plan and trust it and try it for a month before making judgments on what it is doing to your scale weight.

Hippygal said...

No expert here either but I will give you my typical day
Breakfast: 1/2 serve porridge/tub of diet yogurt
Snack: 5 Vitaweats with hummus
Lunch: Panini with ham/cheese/tomatoe
Snack: Handful dried fruit or 2 fruits/or 5 vitaweats with hummus
Dinner: about 100gram protein with veges/spuds
Snack: Small bag of chips or crackers with cheese or yogurt

Now it does change but that is the general gist. I think I work out about 28 points a day but then I also exercise 2 - 3 hours a day 3 days a week and the other days about an hour.
If you want I can add my menu for a few days on my blog so you can see what I eat. Also drink 2-3 litres water a day.

Hippygal said...

Oh and I would have a bigger breakfast :)

Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - looks way too restrictive for me mate. I was heating heaps more than that when I started at WW. Also agree there's a lot of bread there and not a great deal of protein.

I'd be a bit suss with the 1200 calories bit - you've got to eat just haul your body around.

Perhaps check out what calorie king or similar says you should be eating and discuss it with the dietician?