Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well another early morning...the alarm went off way tooo early up tho jumped on the scales and they had gone up ANOTHER 400 grams ffs i was a grizzlie lil bitch. Anyway i got dressed took my gym bag thought ill weigh in but no exercise today. But alas i walked in and there was my trainer on the front desk ... she knew i was weighing and said "gonna work out too?" i said i think so...and well the look said it all LOL so i went and saw my slim coach jenna...the scales had gone up...but she wasnt concerned. She was really impressed with my eating and i told her how teri got me now to up the grade on the treadmill and she seemed to think that was all good...she said dont focus on the scales focus on the fact your eating healthy and being active. Which made me feel a lot better. Truth be known my jeans are a lil looser around my hips and my skin is looking better so its all good. So i then went and got on that treadmill...had the speed at 4 and grading at 5 i was getting a good heart rate...then in the last 10 minutes...i leaned forward (didnt lean on the arm rests tho) was doing shorter steps on the balls of me feet...similar to a jog...dunno if id call it a jog but my heart rate sure as hell went went up to 85% i couldnt do it constantly but i was doing it for a full minute. So when i go on saturday im gonna do 5 minutes walking 1 minute "the kazz jog" and continue that cycle for 30 minutes...i also wanna be there when the boxing class is on im gonna have a perv and try and see if i mite be able to handle the boxing we will see.

This afternoon ended up at mums working on her computer....had to remove her piece of chit nortons and install firefox...all working good now.

ohhhhhhhhh and i have to say a big thank you to jaxx. Theres a lil blog award going round at the give the award to someone whose blog you enjoy. And mine was one that jaxx gave it thank you jaxx !!!

And i am gonna give the award to Nats Journal I also read her journal...not only is she a inspiration especially when it comes to fitness shes a friend who supports me...which im so grateful for :)

Also...airlie...when you are in adelaide next email me or leave me a message..would love to meet up :)

Have a good nite all !


Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - I'm speechless...thank you. You inspire me every day as well mate. YAY you for the Kazz jog - that's how I started out and I'm now running at 12 kph for anything up to 3 minutes.

I totally agree with your slim coach too - don't stress about the stupid scales. Mine went up 1.5 kilos this week and are now slowly dropping - and I don't care!

Hang in there chook - we can do this.


Anonymous said...

go the interval training and go the boxercise!!!! you are on fire girl!

I am coming to see the chasers but not sure how long we are staying for! We are staying in Somerton Park area!