Saturday, March 15, 2008

I lost my dreams...

I have come to the realisation that it isnt so much that I lost the focus on my weight loss...but I lost my dreams...those things that drove me to want to lose weight...I stopped focussing on what I really want and anyone who knows me knows that is to be happy and madly in love with some chickie...before when I was doing good I would put my mp3 player on anytime i was out...whether on the way to work...working out...walks...wherever. I would listen to those songs and me and my imagination could imagine me out dancing with was a huge motivator...I have not used my mp3 pplayer except to listen to the old jillian michaels podcast for months...prolly 4 months or last night i uploaded some songs onto it and this morning on the way to work i listened to it and it was so damn motivating...imagining me out with friends dancing to those songs...a HUGE MOTIVATOR and I think theyre the things I need to focus on more then anything.

Foodwise been very good...last nite i did a stirfry with basamati rice with chicken, prawns, a lil bacon, capsicum, mushies, soy sauce and oyster sauce...was all very yummii. And i did jump on the scales this morning...I think I have dropped about a kilo...but we will wait till the 27th for a very accurate weigh in.

Okies off I goooooooooooooo to do some work lalalalalalala


Tania said...

Just goes to prove it's all about so much more than just the food and exercise isn't it? Have a great weekend - you'll have to post some photos next weekend after your appointment - sounds like a fabulous deal.

kazz said...

i will ! My sister & the kids are down this coming week so ill take my camera with me and get her to take some saturday arvo shes a whiz with the ole cameras lol