Wednesday, January 03, 2007

well its amazing how bad food affects you. i havent been sick for 5 months. Anyway monday i felt off colour...and tuesday when i woke my left cheek was killing me. Went to the docs and turned out i had acute sinusitis...but after now 5 doses of antibiotics i am starting to feel back to normal again (also ive eaten better the last few days) Anyway i just cleaned out the fridge...its defrosting at the moment. Before work i will do a fresh grocery shop and friday before work i will go to weight watchers and weigh in and face D day LOL

Amazing how much better i feel my normal self have been so lethargic it was horrid. Tomorrow i will walk up to the shops which ive never walked before...hmmmm guess would be 40 minutes. Then im gonna start walking for 30 minutes each day....i really wanna boost this weight loss along.

I did rejoin pink sofa...and a gurl messaged me the other day...that they (her and her gf) are organising social functions....a dinner in a few weeks presuming i am not working i am gonna go.

Okies think thats all...have a good day all =]

kazz =]


Anonymous said...

Oh I see she has new blogger templates. I love Caz's stuff, but last time I tried to download I couldn't do it.... may have to do a journal change again sometime :):).

kazz said...

oooooo yes...i love this one...shes done some new ones...theres a nice grungy one but its for a dude...she needs to do a grungy one for a chick like me !