Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year all !!!

OMG so long since i posted...ive been off work since the 22nd but go back to work really not too sad...i need my routine again. Christmas was great, my sis her hubby and their kids came down. Which was great. My lil niece is 2 1/2 and at the cuddly stage...she just wants to sit on ur lap (albeit by running and jumping onto it lol) and show ya her dollhouse n stuff shes veryyyyyyyy adorable !! The boys are getting older and so getting more into their own interests...but was really good seeing them all. We played uno quite a bit...made for some fun. i also went to the movies !! first time for several years. Went with my sis and their kids to see happy feet...very cute movie.

But of course food wise i was bad LOL. i am sure ive put on 3-4 kilos. but i go back on wednesday lunchtime. theyve moved my meeting so this week i will go on wednesday in town before work...and then next week well we will see where LOL

it was funnny how i noticed how quickly the bad food made me feel. pimples and feeling dehydrated. And some foods i use to love i discoverred i dont even like so much anymore. i use to love grilled cheese on i really dont like it...same with microwave popcorn neither i enjoyed. But anyway i will weigh in on wednesday and get back on track.

i went to katies last friday...they were having a 50% sale. i bought quite a few new clothes...quite a lot are too tight but another 5-10 kilos and they should fit me. And one casual top and one going out top fits me already, so i have clothes to wear again. In fact i have added a photo of one of my new tops this was taken on saturday

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