Wednesday, September 13, 2006

welll bad news...well not really bad and not unexpected lol

i knew i was building up to a NEED (not a want a need understand lol) for KFC and sunday nite just 36 hours before weigh in i gave in and had it...and had a lil more then i should have and that with not exercising the last 4 days of the week and no water for 3 or 4 days i had a 400 gram gain :(

Actually not that bad...i expected the loss..and if i didnt have that loss i know next week i would have. but ive been back on track since monday now. And tonight i will exercise a lil and tomorrow will do a full exercise thingy...

When you know WHY you gained it really is not stressful...its when u dont know why.

My pulled muscles all seem settled now...a lil sore still but not much. Altho it really makes you the wonders of a personal trainer altho at this point i dont think im ready for a gym...altho soon i will to go swimming.

Im kinda bored with my frozen meals at the moment but dont like diverting away from them as they really give me portion control which i really need

Okies out of here ~ toodles

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