Saturday, September 09, 2006

well what a blah couple of days. Yanno u do the right thing and it still comes and bites you on the ass ! I changed the arm exercises with weights slightly the other day and turns out i pulled muscles. The muscles under your rib cage and they freaking hurt. Even when i walk they kinda vibrate LOL And cos of it ive used it as a excuse not to drink water (dont even ask the theory behind that) and didnt drink water and today i been picking. So as of tomorrow back on track with that. ive prolly still been well within points using points not used during the week. And for the first time its been like...hmmm kfc would be good about now....i read on the ww forum...that breaking 10 kilos is quite a wall to break down that many give up around now. but im over 3/4 to that goal so no way i am...tomorrow i will get back on the water.

Hope everyones weekend is going good...i just put a colour on my hair hopefully it turns out

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Tania said...

Hey Kazz ... how did you go with your weigh in this week?